Goat yogurt and cow milk yogurt

Goat yogurt and cow milk yogurt

After endless attempts to make dense yoghurt as an advertisement at the cost of using milk powder or whey, we returned to the traditional production of Bulgarian yogurt without the addition of milk powder or whey.

goat Bulgarian yoghurt is not so thick and contains no added substances and is 100% fermented and people with lactose intolerance can eat it without fear. Likewise, it contains no added cow protein (casein) and is thus made only from goat's milk.

My beliefs prevent me from extending yogurt with thickeners, stabilizers, dyes and other food chemistry.

In addition to goat yogurt, we also produce cow's yoghurt, super-fat from our jersey milk - in each yoghurt, a thick layer of cream is naturally deposited at the top.

All yoghurts are delicious and packed in 212 ml jars, the yogurt content is 170 ml.

Goat yoghurts are currently not produced, we will produce to order - if the total demand is 25 pieces.