Why goat products

Goat's milk is much better digestible than cow's milk, and because goat's casein is different from cow's milk, most people who have intolerance to cow's milk can use goat's milk without problems. Only a small proportion of the population is allergic to goat's milk.

Goat products are:

  • good
  • healthy
  •  clean - from organic products
  • the animals that produce them are happy :-)

Article on Goat's Milk Influence on Health

Goat's milk is not mucous at all, but it decreases the iron content of the body during long-term use (need to be supplemented with iron-containing foods). No milk must be pasteurized or heated above 40 degrees C (if this happens, it is better to boil it thoroughly). Goats do not suffer from tuberculosis, so the reasons for pasteurization of their milk are diminished. People with gastric ulcers digest goat's milk more easily than cow's milk.

Goat's milk whey is of great importance in convalescence and, according to some healers, in the treatment of cancer. It contains a number of minerals and other important nutrients.

The prominent South Bohemian healer Ferdinand Kosík (died December 31, 1990) recommended regular goat's milk consumption to patients suffering from eczema, psoriasis and some internal diseases along with other natural therapies. According to foreign research, it contains more nutrients than breast milk, which means that it contains almost all nutrients needed for the human body or similar and usable substances, except iron and zinc, whose intake even blocks excessive consumption of milk and dairy products. .
However, this can be complemented by the daily intake of ferrous wine maltoferochine or by the provision of foods high in iron. Children can take one to two teaspoons of wine a day. The median recommended doses of goat milk ranged around 1/2 l per day for adults, the dose for children ranged between 1 and 8 dl per day. Pediatric eczema is either a complete recovery or a significant improvement and alleviation of symptoms. The use of goat's milk in childhood can have a good effect on the development of the immune system.

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