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Fresh "raw" goat's milk

The farm offers freshly milked and chilled goat's milk. We are pleased by the surprise of you who had the opportunity to taste the milk and reacted by saying: the milk does not smell at all :-) If you haven't been to us yet, we'll let him taste the milk. Milk is preferably offered in returnable...

Goat whey

Whey is produced in the production of cheese and cottage cheese. It contains many minerals and proteins. It is used to refresh the body and as a nutritional supplement, for recovery after illness or for athletes. Whey is now increasingly used for baths to soften and smooth the skin or to treat...

Fresh goat cheese

The product of our cheese factory is mainly fresh goat cheese. We also experiment with ripened and special cheeses. Next year, our assortment will include fresh and natural cheeses and ripened semi-hard and hard cheeses, ricotta and according to our workload we will offer everything interesting we...

Goat quark

Goat curd has a very delicate taste and is priceless in homemade cakes, creams and spreads :-) We have established cooperation with a farmer's pancake, which is very popular with our cottage cheese.      

Goat kefir

An ancient drink that, according to the Caucasus people, guarantees longevity with regular use ... At present we do not offer goat or cow kefir. Those interested in it can make it themselves using kefir sponges, which we are able to procure.      

Goat yogurt and cow milk yogurt

After endless attempts to make dense yoghurt as an advertisement at the cost of using milk powder or whey, we returned to the traditional production of Bulgarian yogurt without the addition of milk powder or whey. goat Bulgarian yoghurt is not so thick and contains no added substances and is 100%...


Not only goat products are human, so we also offer honey from beekeepers. As an emergency stock we always have a few glasses, if you are interested in larger quantities, or you are driving from far away - order enough honey and we will arrange for you. Honey is offered in flower (even pasted),...


Hen fruit from our smallest farm members